When you brainstorm the list of “secret weapons” successful business owners rely on, you’ll probably come up with things like:

Cutting edge technology
Superior marketing skills
Oodles of venture capital
Luck (after all, dumb luck can’t hurt, right?)

Well, here’s one tool you probably didn’t associate with the stereotypical TYPE A drive to success:


Surprising, eh?  After all, we’ve been fed a constant refrain that the business giants of past and present get by on practically zero z’s.

For example, Thomas Edison bragged that he thrived on 3-4 hours a night, letting people know that he thought sleep was a “waste of time.”  (Of course, Edison failed to mention that he was a prodigious power-napper during the day)

Well, according to Giles Watkins, author of “Positive Sleep: A Holistic Approach To Resolve Sleep Issues and Transform Your Life,” modern research affirms the importance of getting enough shut-eye – particularly for entrepreneurs. Some of the benefits include:

  • Increased attention span and ability to concentrate.
  • Improved learning, memory, and decision-making skills.
  • Better communication through sharper recognition of both verbal and non-verbal cues.

All these factors add up to being the best business person you can be… all thanks to making sure you’re getting enough sack time to do your body (and mind) good.

So maybe the next time your boss gives you grief over napping at the desk, let them know you’re doing your part to improve overall corporate productivity.

One area you where you DON’T want to be caught napping is your long-term financial planning.  The kind of retirement you experience tomorrow depends on the clear-headed, wide-awake strategies you put into place today.

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Dan Cuprill, CFP®