What’s every child’s favorite two words in Winter?


There’s nothing better when you’re a kid to get the happy news of the unexpected gift of a day off from school.

It meant a day free from pencils, books, dirty looks, and instead offered cartoons, games, and snowball fights in the great outdoors.

The desire for as many “SNOW DAYS” as possible led to the creation of a number of urban myths – hacks any child could use to conjure up a blizzard at will. Here’s a few of them courtesy of Readers Digest:

Mix Up Your Jammies – rumor has it that if you wear your pajamas inside-out or backwards, that can bring on the wrath of old man Winter. (Maybe it offends his fashion sense or something.)

Pillow, Meet Spoon – another angle to try if those PJs aren’t cutting it is to sneak a spoon from the kitchen drawer, let it chill out in the freezer for a bit, and then – when you go to bed – stick that spoon under your pillow.

Swirly Flurry – as long as you’re making the trip to the freezer, grab the ice tray and head for the john.  It’s said that for every inch of snow you want to appear that night, flush one cube down the toilet.

Reverse Engineering – this takes a bit more work, but the idea is that for a full day before you want the snowstorm to appear, you do everything backwards.  Brush your teeth with the opposite hand. Put your shoes on in reverse order. Sleep with one sock on.

Now I can’t say for certain whether any of these can bring on the snowplows, but they do have the benefit of being fun and giving you a break from homework.

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Dan Cuprill, CFP®