It’s an ongoing debate…

Mac vs. PC

Microsoft even revived the conflict recently with a commercial where someone named “Mac Book” claimed that a Microsoft Surface was the better computer.
I won’t get into the pluses and minuses of either platform, what interested me was the recent announcement by Apple of their most expensive Personal Computer EVER.

Before I reveal that number, let’s go through a bit of history:
1976 – The very first Apple I was released. Designed and built by Steve Wozniak, it came as basically a motherboard with an operating system… you had to supply your own case, keyboard, power supply, and monitor.  Price:  $666.66.

1977 – Apple II is released, which included the keyboard, etc. Price: $1298.

1984 – Macintosh appears, boldly announced in the now famous “1984” TV commercial broadcast during the Super Bowl.  Base model Price:  $2500
1990 – Macintosh Classic – the first Macintosh to be sold for less than $1000.

And there have been numerous releases since, of various price points.
But as I mentioned earlier, Apple just announced their most EXPENSIVE model personal computer to date.

2019 – Mac Pro – the basic model is relatively affordable at $5,999, but when you pile on all the potential factory upgrades… including a $7,000 microprocessor, $25,000 for RAM, and another $2,000 for the Afterburner accelerator card, wheels, trackball and more… plus a few more options as well… the FINAL price tag for the ultimate Macintosh for today’s hardest of hard core fanatics:


That’s what I’m talking about.

The lesson here is that Apple knows its market. Will they sell millions of these at this price tag? Doubtful.

But that’s not the point.

Apple wants to be known as THE premium brand for personal computing and unleashing this new Mac Pro on the market sets that bar high for any and all competitors.

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