I don’t know if you’re old enough to recall the Smothers Brothers TV show from way back when.

Every week Tommy and Dick would sing songs, tell jokes, and inevitably – at some point – argue over something.

Tommy would go off on some weird tangent on a topic and Dick would calmly, yet firmly correct his lame-brained assertion… to which, Tommy would respond:
“Oh Yeah?!”

Even if you don’t remember, I’m sure you can relate – nobody likes to be corrected and nobody likes criticism.  Responding with “oh yeah?” is the most natural thing we can do.  But it’s not always the best reaction – here are few things from the website Lifehack.com to consider instead:

  1. Ask yourself “what can I learn from this?” – most criticism is based to some degree on a truth or truths you haven’t known about.  It’s wise to at least ponder the feedback with a mind open to learning something new.
  2. Respond to the suggestion given, not necessarily the tone used.  This can be hard as many people aren’t good at giving feedback in a way that doesn’t come across as negative and harsh.  But try to separate what’s being said with how it’s said.
  3. Value criticism.  It’s easy to value and appreciate praise – it makes you feel good and affirmed. But constructive feedback can be necessary at times to open our eyes to things we just hadn’t thought of before.  There’s real value is discovering how to be the very best version of ourselves… criticism can be a important tool to help us get there.

One thing you can be certain of is that we will NOT criticize or judge the choices you’ve made up until now in your life’s financial journey. Our goal is to help you lay out a plan from where you are today – however you arrived at this point – to a much better place tomorrow. Give us a call at 513-563-PLAN (7526) or book online and together we’ll craft a plan for a financial future that delivers the kind of lifestyle you want and deserve.

Dan Cuprill, CFP®