THIS email is a distraction.

But I promise…

A good one.

Every day at home, at work, on the road we’re CONSTANTLY bombarded with hundreds if not thousands of cries for attention.

Most – in the grand scheme of things – matter little.

Some, however, matter a LOT.

How do you manage all of them in a way that keeps you informed, but gives you the space to get what needs to get done… done?

Harvard Business Review has a few suggestions:

  1. Practice Asynchronous Communication.  In other words, when an email or text message arrives, it’s okay to say to yourself, “I’ll get to this later.”  It is. Really. You can get back to them later. Most of what we consider URGENT is actually nothing of the sort.
  2. Batch Check EVERYTHING.  There’s no way to quickly check your email. Not possible. And according to HBR, even a couple seconds shift in focus to check email can interrupt flow to such a degree that it can cost you 23 minutes to get back to where you were.  Instead, schedule times in your day where you’ll focus entirely on checking-responding to email, instant messages, social media, etc. Then ONLY do this when scheduled.
  3. Block out time for YOU.  It’s easy to fill your calendar with other peoples’ demands on your time. But it’s critical to make sure you set aside time every day for the tasks and activities YOU deem a priority. If you don’t, the time-bandits will arrive and steal every spare minute before you know it.

By reducing distractions and controlling them in this way, you can apply more time and focus to the things you think are most important.

One action you should consider setting aside time for soon is a review of your financial portfolio. The days, weeks, and years can fly by and it’s critical to make sure your plan reflects current conditions and future trends.

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Dan Cuprill, CFP®