Some estimate the English language offers over a quarter million different words for us to use.

But sometimes – finding just the right word to accurately describe or capture a moment can be tricky.  For your pleasure, here’s a few weird-yet-just-right words you may find helpful:

Croochie-Proochles – derived from the Scots, the term croochie-proochles is perfect for that awful discomfort experienced when cramped and sitting – like when you’re flying coach in the middle seat scrunched between two would-be linebackers.

Fat-Sorrow – this word relates to that feeling of well-being you get when you replace sadness with material things. The notion here comes from the old saying “Fat sorrow is better than lean sorrow.” (This could very well be one more reason why 1-day shipping for online purchases holds such strong appeal.)

Huckmuck – The English Dialect Dictionary defines huckmuck as the “confusion that comes from things NOT being in the right place.”  We’ve all certainly experienced huckmuck more than once, especially with lost car keys.
And last but certainly not least:

Crapulence – After a full night of celebrations, don’t settle next morn for a mere hangover.  Crapulence is defined by the Oxford English Dictionary as “a feeling of sickness or indisposition resulting from excess in drinking or eating.”  It’s a safe bet come Monday morning after Super Bowl Sunday, there’ll be a whole lot of crapulence going on.

Even though these weird words are fun, they can be confusing and who needs that, especially when it comes to retirement planning?

Therefore, I promise you that when you work with us here at Matson & Cuprill to craft your customized financial strategy, you’ll have everything laid out for you in an easy to understand way. Straight talk, plain and simple. Call us today at 513-563-PLAN (7526) or book online to set up your free portfolio review.

Dan Cuprill, CFP®