Every January the USA experiences (or suffers through) that annual political ritual known as the “State of the Union” address from the President.

You probably knew that.

What you may NOT have known is that there’s actually NO constitutional requirement for the US President to formally address the Congress in person to offer that SOTU.

The first SOTU was given in 1790 by President George Washington, who took time away from his cherry trees to make a formal address in person.

(Legend has it that Washington’s recap of American’s situation only took 10 minutes… a far cry from modern times, when addresses can last 90 minutes or more.)

But starting with Jefferson, subsequent executives instead chose to submit their report in written form… a tradition that lasted for 112 years.

Woodrow Wilson, however, revived the format used by Washington and addressed Congress directly in person… spawning the birth of numerous drinking games and Monday-Morning Quarterbacking commentaries.

Now, no matter whether you choose to watch or instead play the fun game of “Find the Internet Spin on SOTU You Like the Best,” I do find the CONCEPT of an annual overall review is solid.

So… how is the SOTU in regards to your financial goals and outlook going right now?  Is everything tracking the way you’d like or are there areas where things could be going better?

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Dan Cuprill, CFP®