Quick question…

How do you really feel about your morning commute?

Answer honestly.

If you’re like millions (possibly 10s even 100s of millions), the time spent on the way to work every day is at best drudgery, at worst a nightmare.
That’s why more and more people are demanding the freedom to work at least part of the time from their homes.

According to a recent article on Forbes.com, a full 26% of “knowledge workers” – that is, people who work in an office setting using a computer as their main tool to get things done – have actually QUIT their jobs and jumped ship to companies that allow them to work remotely.

In the survey, a full 95% of these workers want to do so from a location of their own choosing. But most can’t – because only 31% are employed by companies that allow this kind of flexibility.

According to surveys, there’s many reasons why you’d want to work from home:

  • Saving money accounts for 48% – obviously, when you work from home you can save on gasoline, lunches, tolls, and parking fees. (If you can do so in your pajamas, that reduces wear and tear on the clothing budget as well!)
  • Spending more time with the family is another biggee – 44% want the ability to have loved ones nearby during the workday, whether for personal interactions or just being able to attend activities like sports, band concerts, and other events.
  • Finally, add peace of mind to the mix… a full 29% of would-be “Work-From-Homers” believe the daily grind across freeway, hill, and dale puts a heavy burden on their mental health.  Reducing that psychic wear and tear offers a huge win.

More people working from home is almost certainly one of the waves of the future to keep an eye on.

Whether you’re able to work from home or you face the daily dive into rush hour, we’re here to partner with you to craft a plan to turn those nose-to-the-grindstone efforts into a lifestyle based on YOUR dreams and priorities.
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Dan Cuprill, CFP®