One of the givens every holiday season includes multiple renditions of the song “Baby it’s cold outside.”

Written by Frank Loesser in 1944, it garnered fame 5 years later in 1949 when performed in the film “Neptune’s Daughter.”

The song’s refrain “Baby it’s cold outside” implies that nobody would want to go out in that Winter weather. Brrrrrr!  But that’s not necessarily the case – in fact, many enjoy Winter for the variety of sports and other activities.

Of course, business opportunities exist on the extremes and here’s one I never expected:  The Northernmost Hotel of the World.

Travel agency Luxury Action has announced the availability of 10 cozy yet luxurious cabins (glass huts in reality) that will be set up in the North Pole for one month each year – giving the true Winter fanatic the chance to sleep in style on an Arctic glacier.

The cabins have been thoroughly tested to be safe and warm in even the most challenging weather conditions – after all, who wants to visit the Pole and catch a chill?

Along with state-of-the-art Arctic amenities, each visit also includes a camp manager, wilderness guide, chef services, and security to keep everyone safe and sound.

According to their website, “igloos are heated, they have own toilet, glass ceiling roof and wall to be one with the nature and experience the Northern Lights.”

Doesn’t much sound like roughing it to me.

While getting up close and personal with the Northern Lights does have some appeal, I honestly prefer to spend my vacations in warmer climates… where your main concern at the pool is making sure you have enough sunscreen, not avoiding Polar Bears.

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Dan Cuprill, CFP®