Here’s something I didn’t expect to see…

Apparently, NASA has opened the International Space Station to business opportunities, including private astronaut visits.

One early venture, however, takes a totally different tack – it’s research to see how well a classic French Bordeaux will age in space.

It’s a year long test to see how the effects of weightlessness and cosmic radiation affects the wine’s maturation and taste.  The objective from a business perspective is to see whether space offers real opportunities in producing new flavors and properties.

Universities from France and Germany are working together in the experiment, which is being run by Space Cargo Unlimited, a Luxembourg startup.

According to the Associated Press, beer giant Budweiser has also gotten into the act – already sending barley seeds to the space station. Their goal is to become the favorite after-hours beverage on Mars, should mankind eventually make its way there, establish viable human colonies, and open up a few sports bars.

Alcohol in orbit does in fact have some history…

Back in the days when the Russian Space Station MIR circled the globe, cosmonauts were told by their doctors back on earth to enjoy a cognac now and then to keep their immune systems running smooth.

NASA, however, gave our astronauts strict orders that US space capsules and orbiters would be “booze-free zones.”

Whether or not there’s going to be craft beers in space I can’t say – but what I do know is that having a financial plan that puts your dreams into orbit is a very wise thing indeed. Call today at 513-563-PLAN (7526) or book online and let’s shoot for the stars.

Dan Cuprill, CFP®