Dudes & Dudettes,

A happy September Saturday to you.

Yours truly has successfully skirted a brutal neighbor get together so I can watch the annual Iowa Hawkeye beatdown over Moo U….errr…Iowa State.

Sadly, The Princess has several family members who attended the Cow College.  They’re now gainfully employed in animal husbandry and milking.

If by chance the blind squirrel finds an acorn and Moo U wins, my phone will explode with nasty texts.

If we win, however, I will demonstrate grace and good sportsmanship.  I truly feel sorry for those who couldn’t get into a real college.

This coming Friday I’ll be speaking at the Evidence Based Advisors meeting in Cincinnati.  New jokes, new ideas, even new clothes.  If you’re going to be there, be sure to say hello.

“What???”  you say.  DC speaking at a Ven-DERZZZ meeting?

Remember what Jesus said…go where the sinners go.

No seriously, Steve Miller and company have their excrement together, big time.  It’s a pleasure to support them any way I can.

If you can’t go, check out some of the mind manipulation tactics I’ll be teaching by clicking here. BTW, the price of this program jumps in two weeks.  If you’re tired of being manipulated by DIYers, you need this program.

Have a great weekend!

Dan Cuprill, CFP