There’s a growing trend among the “boomer” generation concerning retirement.

They’re not.

It shouldn’t be a surprise. This is, after all, a generation that defied previously held societal notions about music, dress, hair styles, and much more.

So the stereotypical image of “old uncle Joe” sitting on the front porch, rockin’ and whittlin’ away his golden years has disappeared like a puff of smoke.

Instead, men and women are remaining in the work force well into their 60s, 70s, even 80s for a variety of reasons:

1. They love their jobs and just don’t want to quit.
2. They enjoy the companionship and interaction the workplace offers.
3. They want to feel like they’re still valuable, contributing members of society.

And then there’s the biggest reason of all:

4. They don’t have the CASH to retire.

So even if that rocking chair does hold some appeal, the sad reality is that they failed to prepare over the years. And they’re now stuck with the fact that whatever social security provides, it isn’t enough to deliver the kind of lifestyle they want.

No judgment on my part – honestly, every stage of life offers its own unique opportunities and challenges when it comes to financial planning. When you’re in your 20s and 30s, you’re likely buying your first home, raising small children, working to establish a solid career.

In your 40s your children’s expenses increase with school, sports, clothing, and even college.

By the time you hit your 50s, unless you’ve been disciplined all the way through, it’s very possible to approach what should be your golden years with less salted away than you had hoped.

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Rockin’, whittlin’, whatever.

Dan Cuprill, CFP®

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