One of my favorite TV shows is “Gold Rush” on the Discovery Network.

The first episode aired December 3, 2010 and it’s been running strong ever since, including several spinoffs.

It focuses on the efforts of several teams of miners, each seeking to extract a fortune in gold using the latest technology.

No picks and shovels for them – they use high tech washplants and earth moving equipment.

The investment required to get gold from dirt is significant. But the rewards can be as well.

Most of the mining is done either in Alaska or in Canada’s Yukon territory. So the amount of time when the weather permits mining is actually fairly short – approximately May through September… and at the end of the year, they face a constant battle against freezing temperatures that can turn machines to ice.

It’s very pro-entrepreneur and pro-business – these men and women take huge risks to turn dreams into reality.

Sometimes they fail spectacularly. Operating costs and overhead are extremely high. Bankruptcy looms if the ground doesn’t produce.

Even so, they keep moving forward, regardless, to create a better future for themselves and those they care for.

To me, it’s just a lot of fun.

But even though it interests me, gold mining’s not my thing. Creating wealth IS part and parcel of our business, however, we don’t do it with excavators and bulldozers.

We help you achieve your dreams through research, analysis, and working closely with you to craft a plan that fits your lifestyle, financial situation, and goals.

It is hard work, but we love it.

And we’d love to help you make your golden dreams reality. Call 513-563-PLAN (7526) or click here to schedule your portfolio analysis today.

Dan Cuprill, CFP®