In case you hadn’t noticed, we’re already well into the 2020 elections.

And don’t worry, there’s absolutely ZERO risk of having too “LITTLE” analysis, ads, and conversation forced upon you over the coming months until that special November day arrives.

In case you were worried – I won’t bore/upset you today with my own opinions on the matter.

Instead, I’m going to discuss something else of critical importance taking place in 2020…

Your 2019 taxes!

I know. It seems like you just dropped off 2018’s returns.  And what a wonderful, invigorating experience I’m sure it was.

My guess is that thinking about repeating the process is next-to-last on your list of things you wanted to do right now.

But that would be a mistake.

Because simple steps taken over the near term could very well save you significantly come tax time 2020.

For example, you should definitely check to make sure you’re taking the right number of deductions, as well as consider dropping more into your 401K or SEP IRA accounts.

There’s a number of things you can do today that can pay off big time come April 2020.

Give us a call at 513-563-PLAN (7526) or click here and we’ll set up a time to figure out ways to set you up for the best results possible the next time tax time comes around.

I promise it’ll be far less “taxing” than waiting until the last minute.

Call today.

Dan Cuprill, CFP®