Let’s get political.

Dangerous territory I know.  Don’t worry…no strong opinions will be revealed (let’s face it…you probably know where I stand).

So here’s where we stand.

Republicans control the Senate.  The Democrats have the House.

President Trump is a Republican, but certainly not a conservative.

The Supreme Court certainly has a conservative lean and could tilt even more to the right if an opening surfaces in the next two years.

So, what’s all this mean for you and your money?

Of course, no one knows.  But everyone gets disappointed when I write that.  So let me offer a few opinions (again, none that are strong).

Everyone benefits from gridlock.  Heck, out founders preferred it that way.  They didn’t want a king.  They wanted a government that moved slowly, clumsily, one that required more than a majority vote.  The genius of the electoral college took a while, but it’s now showing its value.

History is riddled with example after example of how a well intended government tried to make life better for the people…but failed.

We have a lot of problems in our country.  Always have…always will.  What has kept us thriving above all others is that we try to solve them ourselves.  We don’t look to government.  Our wealth and overall quality of life in the nation is the byproduct of a free enterprise system that allows us, the people, to own it.

Frankly, I don’t think this past election means much.  We’ve had both bull and bear markets with all kinds of executive and administrative branch combinations.  The tax cuts, which investment markets naturally liked, are locked in for another two years.  The House is unlikely to initiate any legislation the Senate or the president will approve, with the possible exception of infrastructure.

And there will probably be investigations.  Lots of investigations.

In a word: Gridlock.

Here’s what we do know.  Right now we are living in the lowest tax brackets of our lifetime.  We have a two year window to act on them.  Then they will likely change.  They will go up.

So here’s my advice: take advantage of what we do know.  If you don’t already have a strategy to move your money from tax deferred to tax free, get one.

Not sure how to do it, call me:  513-563-7526.   Or at the very least, click here to get a copy of my new book Defuse:  7 Steps to Stop the Ticking Tax Time Bomb that Awaits your 401k.