One of the most misunderstood asset classes is going to be explained and exposed on today’s show. This episode gets into the world of life insurance – in a quick and interesting way. Class is in session so take a seat and get ready to learn some extremely valuable information about life insurance and why you may or may not need it.

Dan provides a clear and simple explanation of different kinds of life insurance and a few reasons why people need life insurance. He candidly shares how you can weigh your options and decide if you even need it and how much you need. Term insurance, permanent policy and coverage needs are all covered here and decoded for you.

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What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • What your biggest asset is and how it tends to shrink as time goes on.
  • How to decide how much life insurance you need or if you need it at all.
  • Replacing future earnings and how to make investments work for you.
  • What term insurance is good for and why you may or may not need it.
  • What permanent insurance is good for and how to know if you really need it.

Ideas Worth Sharing:

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Resources In Today’s Episode:

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  • [FREE Download] How Much Life Insurance Do You Need?
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