Recent headlines have been showing us a lot about what’s going on with the economy and what changes we may be able to expect with jobs and technology. Some changes are exciting and positive while other changes can be scary if they threaten job security. On this episode Dan takes a look at some of the top headlines from self-driving cars to corporate bonuses. He provides some clarity on how to see the big picture and how this should affect how you invest and pick your stocks.

Dan takes us back in time to see how similar changes have affected the economy and workforce historically and how that can give us an idea of what to expect in the future. He discusses the possible positives and negatives that these big changes could incur and how to be prepared for whatever might happen. Dan gives some great real life examples and stories that will help us better understand these latest headlines and what the effect will be on our finances.

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What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • Why the importance of psychology shouldn’t be overlooked in the financial planning industry.
  • How lowering tax rates has effected the economy in the past and how that helps us understand what might happen now.
  • The importance of keeping spending in check when funds go up.
  • What the impact of automation has been historically and how that issue is evolving today.
  • How changes in shopping and transport will impact different industries.
  • Why you shouldn’t become overly selective when picking stocks.

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[bctt tweet=” The quality of life you lead today, it dwarfs that of previous generations.- @DanCuprill” username=”DanCuprill”]

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